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Bluu Next Font is a serif font that comes with an elegant cool texture. Jean-Baptiste Morizot is known as the primary designer of it because he releases it in 2013.

Its texture has created in a unique way in which you will observe that the designer adds solid strokes with a techno appearance. That’s why it maintains solidity deeply all over the typeface.

Now it becomes a better and best choice for headlines because its bold texture makes it perfect for the bigger text. So, feel free to apply this display font to a bigger design.

While, if you try to apply on the small text then its texture will mix up and very difficult to read. But if you need to apply it to the small text then carefully apply it. Or make its pair with others and you can use it in headings.

Bluu Next Font Family

Bluu Next Font Family Download

Bluu Next Font has available with three styles including Titling, Bold, and Bold Italic. The titling weight has 283 glyphs, the bold weight has 371 glyphs, and the bold italic weight has 299 glyphs.

In the beginning, the designer release only its bold weight in 2013. But after a good response from the designers, he further releases two weights in 2014.

With this elegant font help, you can create book covers, unique emblems, product designs, product packaging, t-shirt printing, card printing, headlines, mockups, and many other awesome places.

Now I believe, this solid information is enough for understanding it deeply. So, what’s your opinion over this creation, you can share with us in the comment section below.

For downloading the Bluu Next typeface, you need to click on a single button below and get it. After that, feel free to use this magnificent font everywhere because it has a SIL license.

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Bluu Next Font Free Download