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Macondo Font is a display handmade font that has elegant stylish texture. John Vargas Beltrán took the charge of designing and releasing it for the first time in 1997.

According to John Vargas, the main idea behind its creation is to provide an original and systematized style of calligraphy adapted into a modern digital font.

And he takes inspiration from two places, the first one is illustrations created for a tarot card game. And the second inspiration from the work of Colombian literature Nobel prize-winning author Mr. Gabriel García Márquez.

For the first time, this elegant font was released in 1997. But that was an old version, so the designer has released its updated version with modern features in 2009. That’s why now you can get better results from this improved version.

Macondo Font Family

Macondo Font Family Download

Macondo Font has come in two styles including Regular and Swash caps. The regular style has 312 glyphs while the swash caps style has 248 numbers of glyphs.

Moreover, this elegant font has to support up to 85 languages including Votic, Corsican, and Danish. So, these features truly show how professionally crafted for designing work.

It’s truly workable for small to large tasks. That’s why try your best to create magnificent designs like book covers, wedding cards, birthday cards, game graphics, product packaging, brand logos, and so on.

That’s why share your thought over this majestic font in the comments bar. And I suggest you save this website for future work. Because here we share fine fonts on a regular basis.

Now you just click on a single button below and download the Macondo typeface easily. After that, feel free to use this modern font everywhere because it comes with SIL (Open Font License).

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Macondo Font Free Download