Mathlete Bulky Font Free Download

Mathlete Bulky Font is a script handwritten font that has created with a smart brush. All the letters contain large x-height while the width is equal to standard size.

But you notice its texture then feels its width has decreased by the designer. This feels just because of its x-large height. All the letters maintain the natural look deeply.

Mr. Mattox Shuler is known as the primary designer of this elegant font because he releases it for the first time in 2012. After that, this modest font has helped many designers for achieving their targets.

Because this script font can help to create unique designs just because of its unique texture. So, If you have come here with the same hope, then you have come to the right place.

Mathlete Bulky Font Family

Mathlete Bulky Font Family Download

Mathlete Bulky Font has come with four styles including Regular, Slant, Skinny, and Skinny Slant. Each style has Opentype features with 87 international language support.

Each and every weight has to possess 222 glyphs as well as 1000 units per em. That’s a really impressive amount because each glyph takes too much time for its creation.

It’s such a good font family because it can easily adjustable to fashionable designs. So, it will be the best opportunity for those who want a modern touch in designs.

Because that coolest font will help to create comic books, printing on cards, unique emblems, brand logos, printing on t-shirts, product designs, product packaging, and so on.

So, we hope you will definitely get fine designs for sure. For downloading the Mathlete Bulky typeface, you need to click on a single button below and get this. After that, use this royalty-free font everywhere you want.

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Mathlete Bulky Font Free Download