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Rozha One Font is a slab serif display font that has a decent texture. The Indian type foundry took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2014.

Its Devanagari character set was created by Tim Donaldson and Jyotish Sonowal while the Latin character set has created by Shiva Nallaperumal.

They have created it with thick and thin strokes which make it perfect for headlines and poster-sized graphics. So, this will work very well for display tasks especially.

Its characters are designed with Didone style which looks the same as letters that were commonly used in 19th-century advertising posters in the West.

Rozha One Font Family

Rozha One Font Family Download

Rozha One Font has available in a single regular style with possessing 1,095 glyphs. This single style has support to languages written with the Devanagari script due to its ligatures.

Its slim and bold stroke mixture makes this clean font perfect for very large pixel sizes. So, you can easily apply it on medium to large texture.

In the small text, you can use at least 16 or 18 points. Because below this size its texture will not work properly and they meet up with each other.

Due to its fine texture, you will surely use it for book covers, unique emblems, printing on cards, news headings, newspapers, web content, cv templates, banners, game graphics, game development, and etc.

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Just click on a single button below and download the Rozha One typeface into your computer. After that, feel free to use it because of its a royalty-free.

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Rozha One Font Free Download