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Luciole Font is a display sans serif font that contains a decent texture. It has created by Laurent Bourcellier with his team. This font has created with the special coordination of a special team.

That’s why you will find the professional look throughout the typeface. One more thing is, It’s a two-year collaboration between the Centre Technique RĂ©gional and the type-design studio

The designers have taken inspiration from a legendary typeface Arial. Due to this aspect, you will find similarities between these two fonts.

All letters of this majestic font create with solid strokes and proper padding. Also, the height, width, and space between letters are managed carefully.

Luciole Font Family

Luciole Font Family Download

Luciole Font Family has come with four styles including Regular, Bold, and italics versions as well. Each style has support 755 glyphs with 2048 units per em.

Another great aspect of it, this fine font can support almost all European languages including Dutch, French, and Spanish. So, all of these features make it a professional font for several tasks.

With this elegant font, you can create newspapers, news heading, brand logos, game graphics, card printing, unique emblems, book covers, whole book writing, and many other aspects.

Also, you can utilize it for digital works like programming, web development, and game development. So, we can say that it can replace any other popular sans serif font for works.

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Now you just click on a single button below and download the Luciole typeface easily. After that, utilize this awesome font everywhere according to your concern. Because it’s a free font.

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Luciole Font Free Download