Tanohe Sans Font Free Download

The Tanohe Sans Font is a sans serif humanist font that featuring a clean texture. Mr. Chester Jenkins took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2014.

Now all right reserve for this font family has taken by Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. The designer has re-worked style numbers for making it more applicable for several operating systems like Windows, OS.

It’s almost the same as Cooper Hewitt Font but the difference comes in some letters like ”j” and “a”. It gives an awesome look which saves the creative value in designs.

This is definitely a great opportunity for you to take advantage of now. And create magnificent designs as per the client’s needs. Because this will surely boost up your designing capabilities.

Tanohe Sans Font Family

Tanohe Sans Font Family Download

Tanohe Sans Font has available in 14 styles from thin to black italic. Each weight has 569 glyphs with 2048 units per em. This really a great approach to this elegant font.

Due to this, you will definitely create fine designs from small to large projects. Because its 569 glyphs is really a good amount to create every design.

Its glyphs with decent style really make this paragraph font something special. And everyone will really appreciate the work of those designers who use it in their designs.

With its help, you can create logos, covers, titles, magazines, newspapers, cards, posters, web developing, app developing, cv templates, and many more.

We hope, now you’ll be able to design in your own way. So, just leave a comment below and also share this elegant font with friends.

For downloading the Tanohe Sans typeface, you just click on a single button below and get this. After that, feel free to use this fine font for commercial tasks easily.

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Tanohe Sans Font Free Download